Soniqué™ Ultrasonic Cleaner
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  • Cleaning

    Achieve effortless and thorough cleanliness

  • Brightening

    Banish dust and dirt, revealing brilliance

  • Caring

    Keep your valuables in pristine condition

What to clean

A selection of cleaning possilities



Keep the intricate designs of your brooches as crisp and clean as their first day.



Necklaces deserve to be tangle-free and shining, Soniqué makes it simple.



Soniqué gets your cufflinks ready to impress with a quick, quiet clean.



Pins can hold more than fabric together; they hold stories. Soniqué keeps them clear and distinct.



Clear vision should be effortless. Soniqué keeps your glasses spotless without fuss.


And much more

And that's just the beginning. Whatever you treasure, Soniqué keeps it clean, quietly and efficiently.

  • Glasses

    Crystal clear vision

  • Jewelry

    Twinkle twinkle jewelry

  • Make Up

    Gleam beauty brushes


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Happy clients say

50+ Positive customer reviews

Hello! I want to say thank you to the Vibraqua team. Soniqué has been a game changer in my day to day work, keeping my jewelry shining and as good as new. Keep up the work!

Liam J.
Jewelery Specialist

I'm all about the latest tech, and Soniqué doesn't disappoint. It's perfect for keeping my gadgets clean and dust-free. Super easy to use and highly effective!

Oliver S.
Tech Enthusiast

I was amazed at how Soniqué restored the sparkle to my jewelry collection. Even my most intricate pieces come out shining. It's like having a professional cleaner at home :)

Ayrina M.

I'm always smudging my reading glasses, but Soniqué gets them crystal clear in no time. It's like getting a new pair every time I use it. Thanks!!!

Gabriel J. W.

Dear Vibraqua team! I'm happy to have found a device that works smoothly in cleaning everything from glasses to kitchen equipment! Lot's of thank you's!


reddot winner 2020

  • World's premium design brands

    We're delighted to share that Vibraqua's Ultrasonic Cleaner is a Red Dot Award winner for 2020. This recognition underscores our commitment to delivering superior quality products that blend functionality with an exceptional user experience.

    At Vibraqua, we're inspired by this honor to continue creating solutions that make a difference in your life. Thank you for your support and trust in our award-winning designs.

    • Statement by the Jury _

      "Very practical and sophisticated, EraClean sparks enthusiasm with its aesthetics that matches that of a decorative living accessory."

Most common questions

Frequently asked questions

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    • How does it work?

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    • Is is safe to use?

      Soniqué Ultrasonic Cleaner is engineered to safely clean a variety of items, including jewelry, glasses, and makeup equipment, without causing damage when used correctly. It is effective on materials like gold, silver, and rose gold, and is ideal for items that are water-safe and do not contain loose or porous stones like opal or amber. However, caution is advised for items such as low-quality plated jewelry or costume pieces, which may be prone to color loss or have components that could be affected by water. Always refer to our 'How to Soniqué' Guide for detailed information on safely cleaning specific items with our ultrasonic technology.

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